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“If you have been hurt in an accident not involving a vehicle, you will often be dealing with only one insurance company and their interests will be in conflict to yours.  We come alongside you as an accident victim and bring understanding and greater control back into your life”.

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Head and Neck Injury

Head and neck injuries can result from a variety of unfortunate incidents including car accidents, slips and falls and sports related injuries.  A severe concussion or deep brain injury can lead to memory loss, amnesia, chronic headaches, and cognitive impairment.  It is difficult to assess the effect on an individual’s quality of life after a head or neck injury and that’s why it is imperative to speak to qualified legal representative about your situation.

A head injury refers to any particular type of trauma that affects the human head. This type of physical injury may or may not include actual trauma or injury to the brain.  However, the term head injury will often times used to describe injuries to the brain as well.

Many people don’t realize that they have received a head or neck injury preceding an accident.  You may have sustained severe whiplash as a result of an automobile accident or other personal injury but it may take several days or weeks before any symptoms arise.  Day to day function becomes difficult when you have sustained an injury to your head or neck.

The personal injury team of Sharpe Beresh & Gnyś has the knowledge and expertise to assist you if you have suffered a head and neck injury.  We can help you gain some benefits for even a minor head or neck injury.


How does retaining us impact your client financially?

When we act as a co-counsel with you in a personal injury file, your client will pay no higher fees than if they had hired Sharpe, Beresh & Gnys directly, as we split the fees of the file in accordance with our relative contributions.

Moreover, this arrangement will often produce a higher settlement at the end of the day because their file will likely settle for a larger sum that would otherwise have resulted were Sharpe, Beresh & Gnys not to have been involved. One bit of strategy here, a medical insight there can produce large returns when the file is negotiated to settlement.

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What are the financial benefits for me and my firm?

Lawyers we have worked with over the years, have found their professional income has risen in a meaningful way with a greater mix of personal injury clients as part of their civil litigation practice. Personal injury is not only financially rewarding but it is also a most interesting line of work because it involves constant learning on a landscape where law, insurance, medicine and salesmanship intersect.

From a cash flow point-of-view, you will not find it difficult to have us work as your co-counsel, as we only get paid when you get paid and if you don’t get paid because you are acting on a contingency fee retainer and the file goes south, we do not get paid either. We share the risk with you.

What you will find however, is that the absolute amount of the settlement and your eventual fees, will likely be much higher than if you did not have our expertise to draw upon. While each client is unique, there are a number of common concerns and  challenges that run through most files.

Frankly, as with much of life, it is true that two heads are better than one! And all the more so, when we have an opportunity to critically analyse the file and propose solutions to challenges that each file presents. It permits you to be proactive in running the file and being accountable to the process that we bring.

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What if I do not practice personal injury law ?

Personal injury can be a lucrative area of law and the right claim can be highly profitable to your practice.  However, personal injury law is highly complex and has been in a constant state of flux in most jurisdictions, particularly motor vehicle litigation. It is a dangerous field to practice in unless you have the required expertise and that is where the team of Sharpe, Beresh & Gnys comes in. We will come alongside that lawyer and provide the training, templates, procedure, strategy, legal and medical research to process the claim.

So, instead of sending good prospects and valuable clients outside your firm, you can now offer them our personal injury and litigation services right in your office with you running the file.

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What is your experience ?

Over the 38+ years that Ashley Gnys has focused his law practice on matters involving personal injury, he has had the pleasure to work with a number of lawyers within Ontario, across Canada and internationally, to enter into co-counsel relationships or referral arrangements.  Typically this will involve a lawyer who may have experience in civil litigation but lacks the necessary experience in doing personal injury law. The client remains yours and my team provides a behind-the-scenes support at every crucial step of the file, from intake to discoveries, to trial or settlement.  As needed, we can be a more visual presence to your client and can attend mediations or meetings as required

Ashley can often be heard telling clients that he is in fact a good salesman that happens to be an excellent lawyer.  For it is crucial to be able to sell a client’s personal injury claim to an insurance adjuster or defence counsel if one is to arrive at a successful settlement of the case.  And with a reputation as strong as ours, insurance companies know we are serious and that we know how to overcome their obstacles to avoid paying accident victims what they are entitled to receive. We also understand the hardships that personal injury involves and we will guide our clients every step along the way to a full recovery and to getting their  life back on track.

Let’s talk about it.  To get started, just complete our Online Contact Form  or reach us by email or phone.

What do I need to do ?

We have tried to make this a simple turn-key activity for you, and for us.
Step One:
Take the time to tour this dedicated website as it contains information specific to our Co-Counsel Program.  We have a number of Videos, and if you only have time to watch one, then please view — ” About Our Co-Counsel Program.

Step Two:
Complete our Online Contact Form  or reach us by email or phone.  There is no cost to be a part of our Co-Counsel Program.  We will send you a confirmation email.

Step Three:
If there is a mutual agreement to begin working together we will:
– list your firm on our site as a Member of the program
– create a stand alone page for you and your firm on our website (see example)
– send you a web page layout for you to publish on your website that you can use to add “personal injury law” to the Practice Areas you now offer, through your working relationship with Sharpe Beresh Gnys Personal Injury

Step Four:
We will contact you shortly thereafter about ongoing marketing and information materials regarding Personal Injury Law that we will be providing to you; created to help validate and promote your firm’s ability to help your clients with their personal injury claims.

Step Five:
Sign up for our Personal Injury Newsletter.  We will keep you informed about personal injury law, published case studies, and share general information.

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