The sooner we start working together … the sooner we can begin to share mutual benefits.  We have tried to make this a simple turn-key activity for you, and for us.

Step One:

Take the time to tour this dedicated website as it contains information specific to our Co-Counsel Program.  We have a number of Videos, and if you only have time to watch one, then please view —  About Our Co-Counsel Program.”

Step Two:

Complete our Online Contact Form  or reach us by email or phone.

Step Three:

If there is a mutual agreement to begin working together we will:
– list your firm on our site as a Member of the program
– create a stand alone page for you and your firm on our website (see example)
– send you a web page layout for you to publish on your website that you can use to add “personal injury law” to the Practice Areas you now offer, through your working relationship with Sharpe Beresh Gnys Personal Injury

Step Four:

We will contact you shortly thereafter about ongoing marketing and information materials regarding Personal Injury Law that we will be providing to you; created to help validate and promote your firm’s ability to help your clients with their personal injury claims.

Step Five:

Sign up for our Personal Injury Newsletter.  We will keep you informed about personal injury law, published case studies, and share general information.

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