Typically this will involve a lawyer who has experience in civil litigation but lacks the necessary experience in doing personal injury law. Or, it could be a larger, difficult case that offers a very large upside, assuming you win on a vigorously contested issue, whether it be liability or damages, or both. Plaintiff personal injury lawyers often tackle challenging cases, take risks, and work hard to get excellent results for their clients.  In some cases, however, a co-counsel agreement with an experienced law firm can dramatically help share the workload, minimize risk and maximize your clients’ success.

Whatever the situation, as the referring lawyer, the client remains yours and my personal injury team provides “behind-the-scenes” support at every crucial step of the file, from intake to discoveries, to mediation or trial to final settlement.  As needed, we can be a more visual presence to your client and can attend mediations or meetings as required.

Personal injury can be a lucrative area of law and the right claim can be highly profitable to of your practice.  However, personal injury law is highly complex and has been in a constant state of flux in most jurisdictions, particularly motor vehicle litigation. It is a dangerous field to practice in unless you have the required expertise and knowledge, and that is where the team of Ashley Gnys Personal Injury Law comes in. We will come alongside you and provide the training, templates, procedure, strategy, legal and medical research to process the claim.

This arrangement will often produce a higher settlement because the actual  file will likely settle for a larger sum that would otherwise have resulted were we not involved. One bit of strategy here, a medical insight there can produce large returns when the file is negotiated to settlement.

When we act as a co-counsel with you in a personal injury file, your client will pay no higher fees than if they had hired Ashley Gnys Personal Injury Law directly, as we and you split the fees of the file in accordance with our relative contributions.

From a cash flow point-of-view, you will not find it difficult to have us work as your co-counsel, as we only get paid when you get paid and if you don’t get paid because you are acting on a contingency fee retainer and the file goes south, we do not get paid either. We share the risk with you.

What you will find however, is that the absolute amount of the settlement and your eventual fees, will likely be much higher than if you did not have our expertise to draw upon. While each client is unique, there are a number of common concerns and  challenges that run through most files.   Frankly, as with much of life, it is true that two heads are better than one! And all the more so, when we have an opportunity to critically analyse the file and propose solutions to challenges that each file presents. It permits you to be proactive in running the file and being accountable to the process that we bring

Over the 38 years that I (Ashley Gnys) have focused my law practice on matters involving personal injury, I have had the pleasure to work with a number of lawyers within Ontario, within Canada and internationally, to enter into co-counsel relationships.  So, instead of sending good prospects and valuable clients outside your firm, you can now offer them our personal injury and litigation services right in your office with you running the file.


If you have a case you’d like to discuss, or you’re interested in developing a co-counsel arrangement, we look forward to hearing from you.  You can complete our Online Contact Form  or reach us by email or phone.