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If you have a client who has suffered a personal injury, please don’t hesitate to give us a call—timing is critical in personal injury cases. The following is a list of some of the situations that we can help you with:

Head And Neck Injury

Head and neck injuries can result from a variety of unfortunate incidents including car accidents, slips and falls and sports related injuries. A severe concussion or deep brain injury can lead to memory loss, amnesia, chronic headaches, and cognitive impairment.

Bike And Pedestrian Accidents

If you have a client who has been injured as a pedestrian or bicyclist, they may seek compensation to pay for the medical care they will need to get better or to cover income replacement. Bicyclists and pedestrians can claim the same benefits as someone injured in a car accident.

Slip And Fall Injuries

If you have a client who has been injured by slipping, tripping or falling, we can help assemble and present a claim, and we will support you and your client through what can be a particularly trying experience. Often slip/trip/fall victims are subjected to much finger pointing.

Car Accidents

Though care accidents are one of the most common personal injury cases our firm helps with, the system through which these cases progress can often be extremely complex, with many challenges, issues and requirements to address on the way to seeking medical treatment and a proper financial resolution.

Insurance Disputes

We have the expertise to serve as strong advocates for your clients rights, and we are prepared and well-equipped to fight for those rights if the insurance company decides to dispute their claim. In the Bible story of David and Goliath, it was David who won the day because he knew what to do to defeat his opponent.

Sexual Abuse

Victims of sexual assault have undergone one of the most terrible traumas possible, which can cause their trust in others to be significantly, and understandably, damaged. We will do everything we can to earn your client's trust so that they are comfortable sharing the details necessary to compellingly present their case.

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Since we are a small firm, your clients will receive highly personalized care and attention, and the case will be ultimately managed by Ashley Gnys, a Senior Partner with the firm, with over 35 years of experience.  Yet, while we are a small firm in stature, we have a history of successfully producing big financial results for hundreds of our clients over several decades.

"We will use our negotiation and litigation experience to ensure that your client's insurance rights are protected, and that they receive everything that they are entitled to, under the law."

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